Bootcamp [Product Business Analysis]
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Our training program will introduce you to advanced Product Business Analysis. You will learn how to support a new product from the beginning. You will get familiar with the essential core set of skills and abilities you need so as to work effectively as a Product Business Analyst.

Successfully mastering the program will give you an opportunity to work as a Product Business Analyst at Evolution!

Format: Online

Duration: 2,5 months, 20th April - June 2021

Frequency: Twice a week from 18:30 to 20:30 (GMT +3) on Tue and Thu

Language: English

Please note that previous experience in BA, QA or some similar project role is preferable but not obligatory.

Why Product Business Analysis

In Evolution, Product Business Analysts (further: BAs) work closely with Product Owners, development team and stakeholders. This is how our cool games are built. If Product Owners focus on "why?" and "what?" questions, BAs look for the details on all levels to come up with the best "how?" for all teams involved. A good Product BA helps to come up with the best solution for every issue. We offer a helping hand to Product Owners to make product-related decisions based on our analysis.

On the one hand, being a Product Business Analyst means still performing a traditional role of BA supporting a team, but on the other - it opens the door to the world of creativity and freedom. The level of connection you make with the product is influencing your professional growth. We always want to provide our children with the best we can; the same happens if you start supporting products. They are our sources of inspiration and motivation to develop ourselves.

During this bootcamp we will help you with all the specifics and upcoming practical tasks, step-by-step we will go together through various clues and activities of our incredible learning journey.

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  • Intro to Product BA specialization

  • Processes and structure; what is product

  • Game idea and game flow

  • Product development research

  • Product development requirements

  • Product development visuals and diagrams

  • Data & reports

  • Verification & validation

  • Intro to the art of presenting

  • Final projects

Your Benefits
  • Work side by side with our experienced mentors

  • Revise the theory through the eyes of a Product Business Analyst, learn and practice:

    • Agile methodology core basics

    • Game flow and game concept creation and presentation

    • Mind mapping techniques

    • Specification approaches & techniques

    • Diagraming & prototyping

    • Product reporting basics

    • JIRA & Confluence tools

  • Learn the specifics of supporting product development

  • Have a real chance to practice all the gained knowledge on a practical “game-from-scratch” project under mentors supervision

  • Get experience from the inside of a multicultural organization; see different styles, techniques and approaches

Our Expectations
  • Passion towards product development

  • English language level - 'Intermediate' or higher

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science / IT or final-year students of the same field

  • Completion of courses related to Business Analysis

  • At least 1 year of experience working as a BA, QA or similar project role is preferable


Business Analysis is all about the magic for me. It is the quiz of stepping into the initial problem's darkroom, where nobody knows the way out. Where you help to turn the light on and find the door to the beautiful future reality. This is the power to make people's lives easier.

I have been living in the BA world for 15 years now, started with system analysis for specific IS, transformed into Business Analysis for product development, and led the BA department in Evolution.

Business Analysis is much more than just requirements specification. It’s user experience and usability, problem-solving, design thinking and creative idea generation, critical thinking, visual thinking, data science, communication and collaboration. It’s to be a subject matter expert in your domain.

Our bootcamp is my chance to show all the beauty of Business Analysis, share my knowledge and experience, and find new passionate BAs to join our team.

I was born in the right century, for sure, as we have now the dynamic IT world with all the related challenges, where Business Analyst has one of the key roles - to explore everything, to gather the “full picture”, to communicate it to all involved parties in the way which is suitable for the target auditorium and take some “notes” for the future. And the best part of Business Analyst life is there is no strict boundary, where BAs role starts and ends. Therefore, for each BA, there are as many different options, directions and challenges as one is passionate about and ready to take care of.

As I joined BA’s world more than 15 years ago, it seems that I have explored it already from a lot of different perspectives. And as mentoring and knowledge sharing give additional value to everything I have done, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with others. It is a pleasure to see and feel how I can help other BAs while it is a great way to look at things from one more additional perspective and explore new corners of the exciting BA’s world. Let’s meet during this bootcamp and try this journey together!

I always take an opportunity to say it out loud - I love being a Business Analyst! =) Being able to help others by solving problems and making their jobs easier makes me incredibly proud to call myself a BA. For me being a Business Analyst is like being an architect, a magician, an artist, a psychologist, a teacher, a manager, a detective... - a wonderful and crazy mixture to apply generously every day to work happily ever after side by side with your product owners, teammates and stakeholders.

I’ve been working as a Business Analyst for 5 years, and I continue to see so many areas to explore, things to learn - and that’s why I so adore this journey. I do this with a smile, passion, diligence, and always with a bit of personal creativity added. I will be delighted to share part of my knowledge, tips & tricks with our bootcamp students. See you soon!

Ksenija Lace

Ineta Bucena

Eugenia Karol